Intelligent system solutions

We are your system partner for assemblies with components from our plastic mouldings shop and our stamping shop. We have an immense production capability at our site in Weinstadt. Our production is designed ideally for quantities from 1 up to approx. 800,000 pieces/year. We can also easily integrate treatment processes and components from our partners or yours into the value stream in a safe and economic process. On the basis of a proven procedure, we offer you innovative solutions from a single source...


We are system partners

We will develop components for your products with you. From brainstorming via 3D models and prototypes to delivery of production parts. Be it a one-off part or 800,000 units per year...

Joining & Assembling

Many of our production components are initially connected by means of joining processes. We produce the necessary joining devices in our own toolshop...

Stamping & Shaping

Development and production of various components - from flat washers to enclosed brush mountings. We stamp and bend brass, copper and steel in thicknesses ranging from 0.2 to 2 mm ...

Plastic injection

Processing of thermoplastics and duroplastics. Tool production, development and production of components with injection-moulded inserts, such as ball bearings...


At our Weinstadt site, we process brass profiles and insulation materials, such as hard paper and laminated fabrics, incl. milling, sawing, thread cutting...

Our product range

We are your development partner. We will work with you from an early stage during the construction phase and thus take your process and cost structures into account, detect potential sources of error at an early stage and can implement improvements immediately. We deliver all products either individually for installation on the customer's premises or installed as a turnkey system e.g. in brush mounting systems.

Brush holder systems

Our core skill is in the development and production of brush holder systems for electric motors.

Tubular brush holders

We produce tubular brush holders, incl. insulation and caps, based on rotating parts made from drawn brass profiles.

Carbon brushes

Jointly with our partners, we find the ideal carbon brush material for your applications

Stamping and bending parts

We deliver stamping and bending parts either fitted in brush mounting systems or as loose components.

Plastic mouldings

Plastic mouldings for engine construction, pneumatic post systems etc., or prefitted in brush mounting systems.


Rod core chokes specified jointly with our partners for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

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