Plastic injection

Plastic injection

Plastic injection

In our machine holdings, we have injection moulding machines with closing forces from 150 kN to 800 kN, on which we can produce plastic mouldings weighing from approx. 1 g to approx. 200 g. We also produce components with moulded inserts. Our skills also include moulding of ball bearings. Inserts are placed in the tool manually or fully automatically by a robot.

We work with cold runner and hot runner technologies. Our material range is very extensive and we will be pleased to expand it as required with the ideal material for you.


We process thermoplastics with a glass fibre content of up to 35%. Frequently also flame-retardant (UL: V-0) or with special fillers to improve thermal conductivity. These materials are injected into the tempered tool and harden on cooling.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE):

We also use thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Components made from these materials remain elastic even after the moulding process.

There is additional information about products manufactured in this way on the Plastic mouldings page page.